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Bozenka meaning, “touched by God”, is the auspicious birth name of this world-renowned performer and master teacher whose gift for the art of belly dancing
transcends her Cuban-Czech heritage. She has enthralled diverse audiences all over the globe while inspiring every performer that has had the good fortune to witness her style and grace live and in colour. Her distinguishing elegance and her classic, earthy technique has elevated Bozenka to superstar status. Charismatic yet unpretentious sheis globally loved and admired as one of the most sought out instructors in the art of belly dancing. A mentor for many aspiring dancers, she has motivated many of her students to pursue this ancient art form as a profession. As an entrepreneur, Bozenka owned/ directed her own world class studio in Miami, Florida – Bozenka’s Bellydance Academy – known as the premier Belly Dance school in all of South Florida. She has recorded several best selling instructional and performance DVDs and has toured extensively with the celebrated “Bellydance Superstars” as a featured soloist.

In 2006, Bozenka brought home the coveted golden crown from the “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” dance festival in Cairo, Egypt where she was among 150 dancers from all over the world to compete for this honour. This glorious achievement was seen worldwide on CNN, which broadcasted the event with the title, “An American Belly Dancer has taken the Egyptian crown!” In a pivotal moment in her then young career, the prestigious title “Miss America of the Belly Dance” was bestowed upon her in 2000 as she emerged as the stellar performer of this national event.

Bozenka instructed and choreographed international superstar Shakira for her “Mongoose” world tour in 2004 and more recently for her 2010 tour launched in September, working with the pop diva side by side to help her hone and polish her innate skills. She performed on stage with world-music artist, “Albina” during her concert tour in Miami Beach in 2005. Bozenka has entertained an assortment of celebrities including Sean Connery, Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Madonna, Alejandro Sanz and Enrique Iglesias amongst others.

In 1998, Bozenka began her training at the Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange under the tutelage of legendary dancer/teacher Tamalyn Dallal. Her natural artistic abilities and her exquisite physical attributes helped her quickly become Dallal’s star pupil. Bozenka went on to become creative director of the school and subsequently turn into owner when Dallal graciously handed her the academy upon moving from Miami. She continued with that legacy providing the most professional and well-rounded education of this ancient dance in South Florida at Bozenka’s Belly Dance Academy. Her student base grew to global status and is currently traveling worldwide to educate and inspire dancers everywhere.

Bozenka is one of today’s leading exponents of the bellydance art form. Her special teaching technique and her wonderful spirit make her workshops/performances a fulfilling and motivating experience for all who attend. An exemplary artist and role model, Bozenka continues to set her standards higher with each performance and workshop.


Bozenka Osaka Workshops

Sunday 3rd June 2012
Place: Studio Esuc - Nakatsu


Exquisite arms and hands bring your dance from looking forced or amateur, to mesmerizing and enchanting. This class will help dancers create beautiful and harmonious arm and hand movements while dancing. A variety of proper arm positions will be discussed along with exercises to release tension in your hands and wrists for that relaxed look. Complete focus will be dedicated to perfecting your arms and hands. With special tips on body language and expression this class is sure to get you ready for any upcoming performance. Bozenka uses creative methods to encourage dancers to interpret the feelings caused by the music and to learn to convey that emotion to the audience.

Elementary - Advanced Level 1.40pm-3.40pm

Exploring contrast of mood and movement, this workshop will focus on handling your wings gracefully. You will discover beautiful effects for your next performance. Come and explore the power and strength and the fluidity and grace that Bozenka has to share with you!

Intermediate - Advanced Level 4.40pm-6.40pm

Let yourself be inspired, entertained and challenged in this upbeat master class with Bozenka. Students will learn three beautiful combinations filled with Bozenka’s Signature moves that they can apply to their own dance repertoire. Instruction will be given on immaculate and dynamic hip technique, graceful and fluid upper body posture and stage presence. Bozenka is known for challenging students while bringing out the best in each dancer at their individual level.

Monday 4th June 2012
Place: Studio Esuc - Nakatsu High Beginner - Advanced Level 7.30pm-9.30pm


Learn how to make your drum solo the highlight of your performance with helpful tips from Bozenka. She will guide you through a variety of shimmies, locks and accents that will enhance the look of your drum solo performance. Feel empowered with knowledge and new moves when learning this choreography with world renown, Bellydance Superstar Bozenka.

Wakayama workshops Tuesday 5th June 2012 

All levels - 2-4pm Turkish Rom - Choreography Get ready for a real fun workout in this dynamic choreography workshop!

All levels - 7-9pm Raks Assaya ( Stick/ Cane dance ) - Choreography workshop

Brought to you by Keke and KAORI Oriental Dance | Proudly Sponsored by Y's Dance College

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